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At the we are always on tour around Melbourne with new gigs and events being posted daily.

(excludes banner advertising & review)

Melbourne Advertisers will also be listed on

You don’t need to have a website to take advantage of our Showcase Package’s

ALL you need is an email address.

What a great way to show your business to the many consumers that visit our website.

Showcasing your business with us is FREE (excluding banner advertising) and you will be pleasantly surprised at our rates for banner advertising, as we do not believe businesses should have to spend thousands of dollars to reach their target audience.

You get to advertise by demographic and your business can be located by various search information found on the website and your business can be listed by venue, pub/hotel, bottle shop, wine bar or nightclub along with some benefits and features.

Banner Advertising Rates are easily obtained by emailing us at:
Just complete a few details and we will email or send the information to you.

premium showcase package

What you get:
  • Full access to your OWN interface to website, where you receive the following benefits:
  • Full Venue Listing
         Business Name
         Website link
         Email address
         Phone number

  • Select your category/s you would like displayed within.
         Bottle shop
         Night Club
         Wine Bar

  • Location Map
  • Details about your venue or business
  • Logo display within the Venue Listing page
  • Update your information at anytime

bands and dj’s'

Bands and DJ’s become friends of by visiting our Facebook page alongside groupies and followers and fans can get access to loads of band sites and find out what is happening and where, so make us a Facebook friend and create a chain reaction and maximise your exposure. or

website banner advertising & review

Banner and Review advertising at website is not expensive you can choose to advertise at the top right hand corner or choose one of the two areas on the left hand side of the page.

Banner advertising you can choose which State you want to advertise within. Top banner and left banners all being a non-Flash Format. Advertising is randomly displayed throughout the State you wish to advertise in. Banner advertising is set-up via us as there is no interface for this facility.

Review advertising located at the bottom of the home page, the review is displayed throughout Melbourne on the home page, it’s all about you and your brand or business price is based on a two week (14 days) rate and is set-up via us based on information you provide and would like displayed.
Banner advertising size and formats
Image Description Image Type File Type Size(Pixels)
Top Right Banner JPEG Image .jpg 394w x 134h
Calendar Banner JPEG Image .jpg 155w x 68h
Left Column Banner (Top) JPEG Image .jpg 175w x 200h
Left Column Banner (Btm) JPEG Image .jpg 175w x 200h
Venue Image JPEG Image .jpg 320w x 240h
Featured Gig Image JPEG Image .jpg 120w x 90h
Festival / Event Image JPEG Image .jpg 120w x 90h

how to showcase and advertise

  • Click on the "free venue listing" button.
  • Select Item and click “register your interest button.
  • A Pop down box will appear.
  • Fill in the fields.
  • An email will be sent to you with rates and brochure along with a link to sign up.
  • Once you have decided on your showcase.
  • Click on signup link, which opens up page.
  • Select your Showcase.
  • Complete information.
  • You will receive welcome information and password and login details via an email within minutes.
  • Your Business appears LIVE as soon as we have approved your content.
Rock ‘n’ its way throughout Melbourne

Email us to set up a reciprocal link to your website on
For banner advertising, please email

The Business advertised – forms part of the selected display criteria of the website - Venue, Pub, Hotel, Wine, Bar, Bottle Shop, Night Club, Live Music, Band, Festival, Event.
Premium Showcase Package – you must be a registered business at a fixed address
Banner and review advertising - Our Terms are strictly 14 days, payments can be made by direct deposit or by cheque.
Advertising may be withdrawn if payments are not received within 14 days.
All payment details can be obtained from Tax Invoice.
Advertising may be withdrawn that is deemed not of ethical standards and guidelines.
Payments are non-refundable. Pricing is correct at time of advertising but is subject to change.
ALL rights Reserved.

Thank you for showcasing your business with